New Grade 7-12 Resource Developed by NSF-Funded Research Experience for Teachers (RET)

Maffin, L, G Hall, T Hubbard, E Whigham, RP Wise*. (2012). "iTAG Barley: A 9-12 classroom module to explore gene expression and segregation using Oregon Wolfe Barley". K-12 resource posted at the American Society of Plant Biologists.

iTAG for iPAD

McGhee, L, N Hayes, R Schuck, L Maffin, G Hall, T Hubbard, E Whigham, G Fuerst, and RP Wise*. 2016. iTAG Barley: A grade 7-12 curriculum to explore inheritance of traits and genes using Oregon Wolfe barley (version 6). Digital iBook for iPAD.


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