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Sequence annotation of the barley Mla locus from cultivar Morex ( AF427791)
BAC 711N16 (top 112,178-nt) was sequenced at 12X redundancy and BAC 80H14 (bottom 158,773-nt) was sequenced at 15X redundancy. The two BACs are joined by 9,686-nt of overlapping sequence encompassing RGH3a and the 5' end of the Sukkula retrotransposon. The GC content of 261,265 nt of finished sequence is 44.9%, the CpG ratio is 4.2%, the observed/expected CpG ratio is 0.83, and the CpG/GpC ratio is 1.21. A "+ or -" indicates the direction of transcription; "+" designates the forward strand, "-" designates the complementary strand. A) Annotation of the 261,265-nt region. The dark-red text indicates genes associated with defense responses, while the dark-red underlined arrowhead illustrates the 40-kb tandem duplication. Different colors show different families of genes or transposable elements. B) Nested transposon Complex I on BAC 80H14 between 132,922 and 184,562 nucleotides. C) Nested transposon Complex II on BAC 80H14 between 225,321 and 261,265 nucleotides. Retrotransposon placement was determined by the 5-bp LTR inverted repeat, insertion signature (6-bp direct repeat shown in letters) at the two ends of each element. This direct repeat marks the boundary for each retro element.

Modified from Wei, F., R. Wing, and R.P. Wise. (2002) Plant Cell 14:1903-1917 [Abstract]